Replace Windows in Original Sashes

Posted in January 3rd, 2008
Published in Box Sash Windows

Fortunately, there is no need to buy for a new set of wooden box sash windows for your home. There are now available replacement windows to fit into your existing sashes that take out lesser expenses from your tight budget. Just like the new wooden box sash window, a replacement window is also available in various types of finishes and we can fit the replacement window into your existing buildings sash. It can either be a stained wood or a microporous paint finished wood available in different colors. It may also come as a single glazed wooden box sash window that is typically seen in European countries, or as a double glazed wooden box sash window that is very common in the United Kingdom. Such double glazed replacement windows can maximize the energy efficiency of the window. 

Double Glazed Box Sash Windows

Box Sash Windows History

Posted in December 1st, 2007
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Before the 16th century only the most prestigious houses had glazed windows as glass was a difficult commodity to come by. Box sash windows came about in the late 17th century when they were manufacturing sash windows from heavy white oak characterized by wide glazing bars.

Traditional Wood Windows Ltd

myimgWe supply the whole of the UK with a full range of traditionally styled timber windows and doors, either single or double glazed. Specializing in double glazed box sash windows and casement windows in traditional victorian and georgian styles.