Frequently Asked Questions about Replacement Wood Windows

Do you need to visit to provide a free quotation?

We can provide a free estimate for your replacement windows or doors based on project drawings or photos and approximate measurements. Just telephone us with your measurements and requirements or use our free windows or doors estimate email contact form.

Will replacement wood windows add value to my property?

During the last 10 - 20 years many UK householders have replaced their traditional timber windows with aluminium or UPVC, thus altering the original appearance of their properties.
Many home buyers will find the replacement aluminium or UPVC windows less attractive and out of character, therefore offering a lower price for the property.
Installing double glazed timber windows with a traditional look will add value to your home.
Our double glazed wood windows are manufactured to exactly replicate the original single glazed timber windows and come fully draught excluded.

Is it possible to replace the sashes and keep the existing surround?

In many situations we can replace just the sashes, keeping the original box surround and reducing total costs involved. As well as reducing the overall costs of double glazing your windows, your internal decorations or plasterwork will not be affected.

Will new double glazed windows reduce noise pollution?

There will naturally be a noise reduction when double glazing your sash windows, which may be especially noticable if you live on a busy road. We also offer additional acoustic glass options with our double glazing which will reduce noise pollution even further.

Do you install replacement windows in listed buildings?

We undertake many projects replacing original windows in conservation areas and on period homes. In most cases you can replace original windows with double glazing on listed buildings as long as the replacement windows are in character with the building.

Wood replacement sash window

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