Home Improvement

Replacement of Buildings Windows or Doors

One way to make home improvements is to replace any old and rotting wooden windows and doors that may be present. Regular painting and wood treatment can help prolong the life of original wooden buildings but sometimes they will need to be replaced. If you live in a period home you should always try to get replacements that match the original character and style of your buildings construction.

Home Improvement by the addition of Double Glazing

When making the decision to change your original sash windows or casements you may decide to fit the new windows with double glazing. This will greatly benefit the home by reducing the loss of heat through the original single glazed window units. As well as being highly energy effecient new double glazing also has the added benefit of soundproofing your home against traffic road noise and other unwanted sounds.

A Microporous spray painted finish protects the wood

Replacement Windows and Doors Protective Finish

We recommend a microporous factory spray painted finish for our wooden home improvement products to help protect the finished product against future deterioration. Your replacement windows and doors for your building should be adequately finished with a spray painted finish or vacuum pressure treated with wood preservatives. These factory finishes will help protect your wooden construction products against wood rotting fungus, wood boring insects and weather damage.

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